As we grow, we are not generally taught how to correctly move our bodies. And while many of us had mothers telling us to “stand up straight” or “sit tall”, no one ever really explained to us how or even why. ThePosture Core Activation Technique™ (PCAT) is a method developed by Dr. Philip Moscatel which focuses on your hips and the closely located sacroiliac or “SI” joints by using your whole body to train and stabilize them.

Why Posture Core?

By correctly and habitually using the Posture Core Activation Technique™, you can:


  • Improve your posture: stand taller, center your head position, level your shoulders

  • Improve your physical fitness: flexibility, muscle strength, agility

  • Improve your muscle tone, especially through your buttocks and thighs

  • Improve your symmetrical (left and right side) skill, range-of-motion and strength

  • Improve your balance and whole-body dynamic through better-controlled movement

  • Reduce your risk of injury by supporting your spinal alignment with more normalized movements

  • Stand, sit and walk more efficiently with improved active balance, movement memory and postural fitness