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Posture Core: Wellness Made Simple

In Posture Core™ Wellness made SimpleDr. Philip Moscatel introduces you to the Posture Core Activation Techniquean innovative training method tailored specifically to challenge our balance, movement and posture mechanisms all at once. Based on the development of the Posture Core™, individuals can attain unmatched spinal stabilization and posture restoration by practicing this technique.


This book offers:

  • 24 easy-to-learn Posture Core™ movements

  • Forward Active Balance™ training

  • 4 easy-to-do daily posture stretches

  • Clear and concise, step-by-step instructions

  • Color-coded levels

  • Detailed photographs illustrating the methods

  • Invaluable posture tips throughout

  • Book lays flat for easier reading

Posture Core: Wellness Made Simple Book & DVD

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