Posture Core: Wellness Made Simple  Soft cover book

Posture Core: Wellness Made Simple Soft cover book

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Posture Core™ Wellness Made Simple by Dr. Phillip P. Moscatel, will change whatever you think you know about physical training by showing you how to utilize your body’s untapped physical potential to enhance your overall well-being!

“This book takes what I have learned, what I have observed, and what I know to be absolutely true, and brings it together in a technique that will change your posture, and ultimately your life.”

– Phillip P. Moscatel, D.C.
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    Better Health Through Better Posture!

    In Posture Core™ Wellness made Simple, Dr. Philip Moscatel introduces you to the Posture Core Activation Technique™, an innovative training method tailored specifically to challenge our balance, movement and posture mechanisms all at once. Based on the development of the Posture Core™, individuals can attain unmatched spinal stabilization and posture restoration by practicing this technique.