Meet Dr. Moscatel

Chiropractor and PCAT creator


Dr. Moscatel understood early on that balance, posture and symmetrical movement were the key to better physical performance. At the age of 16, a track teammate suggested he learn some basic ballet techniques to help improve his jumping and landing skills for his event, the high hurdles. It was this incidental introduction to ballet that set Dr. Moscatel on the professional course of developing this superior wellness technique known as the Posture Core Activation Technique™.


“I see myself as an innovative problem solver with a passion for simplification and prevention. It’s all about focusing on skill training, moderation, sensibility and reason.”

After graduating from Glenbard North H.S. in Carol Stream, IL in 1982, Dr. Moscatel received a dance scholarship to Lincoln College in Lincoln, IL where he earned an Associates in Arts degree. During his second year at Lincoln, Dr. Moscatel found his passion for the chiropractic arts. “Chiropractic is the real science of the body’s movement and posture,” says Moscatel. “It gives me the venue to explain to my patients the ‘practical science of movement and posture’ I learned through my experience in ballet."


Dr. Moscatel entered the National College of Chiropractic in 1988, one of our nation’s premier institutions for health science education, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and subsequently received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Board Certification in 1991.


In 1992, Dr. Moscatel opened the Moscatel Chiropractic Center in Glen Ellyn, IL and has maintained this successful practice for more than 2- years, while also busying himself with other pursuits.


When not working with patients, Dr. Moscatel is also an exercise specialist at a local health and wellness center where he aids clients by demonstrating proper exercise and movement concepts and techniques as well as outlining basic types of exercise routines. Dr. Moscatel also volunteers each year as part of the race crew for the Mid-West Indoor Multiple Sclerosis Society Triathlon Series.


Like many of his loyal followers and patients, Dr. Moscatel is an outdoorsman who enjoys golfing, mountain climbing, swimming, cooking, playing guitar and riding his motorcycle.



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